Software localization

Lokalizacja oprogramowania

Localization of your software in good hands

Your company offers excellent software? Show it to the world!

Software localization, that is adapting it to local requirements, is so much more than just translating words. First of all, we want to truly understand your needs and expectations. That is why we will support you throughout the localization path.

Studio Gambit’s software localization process guarantees a hand-picked team of qualified translators and reviewers. However, creating a full, localized version of software also entails many essentialtechnical tasks. That is why your project will be supported by localization engineers who will ensure a smooth workflow at every stage. The entire process will be overseen by a dedicated project manager, who will make sure you stay on budget, supervise the work of individual teams (of linguists and engineers), and ensure that the requested language versions of your software are good to go on schedule.

Software localization

  • Entrusting us with localization services, you get software that fits the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of the target market.
  • You also receive graphics, photos, images, and terminology adapted to best match the target group.
  • Apart from delivering the end product in selected language versions, we will compile related documents, particularly specifications, manuals, protocols, and promotional materials.


Trust the leader in the Polish software localization market. We will manage even your most technically demanding and complex localization projects.

Benefits of cooperation

Top quality

We have been investing in advanced technological infrastructure, tools, and employee training for thirty years. This allows us to offer specialist localization services of the highest quality to the many software manufacturers that use our services to prepare local versions of applications for sale on the Polish market, or on other Central European or Eastern European markets.

Reasonable prices

When software is to be localized in the most popular western languages (English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian), we provide a professional service to Polish software manufacturers at reasonable prices.

Specialist tools

We have considerable experience in using the specialist translation environments required for software localization, including commercially-available applications like Alchemy Catalyst and SDL Passolo, proprietary SAP SE 63 systems and applications, and popular development environments such as MS Visual Studio or .NET Framework. Text elements of the user interface saved in TXT, XML, JSON, RESX, PO, or XLIFF files do not present a problem to us.

What does software localization involve?

At Studio Gambit, we believe that responsibility for the quality of software translation or localization lies not only with the translator, but with the entire project team Each stage of the translation process affects the results of our work. 

1. Translation

2. Revision

3. Quality control and testing

We usually localize:

  • software, documentation, and websites in all popular formats (.rc, .resx, .po, .properties, .json, .xml, .html, .doc/.docx, pdf, and more) 
  • video tutorials, training or educational films 
  • marketing materials
  • multimedia presentations
  • e-learning platforms
  • graphics and infographics
  • computer games 

What can we do for you?

Get in touch to receive a tailor-made Software Localization offer just for you.

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