Machine Translation

Tłumaczenie maszynowe

Breaking through language barriers in business

Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the practical application of machine translation (MT). Its widespread availability, low cost of use and associated hopes encourage people to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. However, to successfully integrate machine translation into regular business communication processes, understanding of MT limitations is required. Despite significant improvement, the quality of machine-translated texts still does not allow for their publication without additional verification in each case. To give them a form comparable to that of texts translated by humans, machine-translated documents need to be verified by a professional translator, that is, they need to be post-edited. The selection of the machine translation source optimal for a given text, that is, a so-called MT engine, also plays a significant role.  

Tuned MT + post-editing

Let us consider, for example, technical texts.

When translating them with the use of MT, Studio Gambit utilizes engines trained with bilingual corpora consisting of the company’s specialist translations.

Such domain-based engines provide a much better end result compared to the generally available universal engines such as Google Translate, Microsoft Translator or DeepL.

The high quality of the source materials translates to a better quality of output text.

And our resources are considerable – our MT engine designed for technical texts has been trained with corpora containing over 160 million translated words in fields such as: automation, automotive, construction, electrical engineering, power engineering, machine construction, consumer electronics, IT, communication technologies and many others.

The text translated by the “improved” machine is then delivered to professionals – it is time for the finishing stage :). Qualified translators, trained to work with machine pre-translations, verify the received text, i.e. they post-edit it.

In this way, the client obtains a correctly translated text, consistent in terms of terminology and style, without involving uncertainty associated with the use of raw MT.

By ordering technical translation in the manner described above, that is: machine translation based on improved machine engines + post-editing, you can shorten the delivery time and reduce costs, especially for large-scale projects. The savings are significant – they can amount to as much as 50–60%.

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