Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)

Komputerowy skład tekstu (DTP)

Top-quality DTP

Our DTP department employs high-grade specialists with the equipment and software to handle even the most complex text-editing and graphics-editing assignments.

At all project points, it is quality that we value above all. That is why, on receiving materials and a requirements specification, our specialists perform an in-depth analysis to foresee challenges and propose intelligent responses.


A complete translation and localization process assumes careful recreation of the features of the original documents and materials. We begin with the original and end with a true copy ready to be published. Specialists in the field of electronic typesetting who operate professional DTP tools are required to achieve this.

Online publications

More and more of the materials we once used in traditional form are now being digitized. This affects not only books, but also catalogues, manuals and brochures. Materials intended for online publications need to be in different file and color formats than those published on paper.

Files to print

Leaflets, brochures, catalogues, and other paper materials are usually printed in batches of at least several hundred, and sometimes several thousand, copies. When corrections need to be made, the whole batch must be printed again. It is therefore vital that files to print are prepared with the utmost technical and linguistic care.

Benefits of cooperation

Save time

By commissioning us to provide both translation and DTP services, clients can reduce the time required to prepare the final version of the materials. A dedicated project manager contacts the translators and DTP operators directly, and the client receives material ready for publication or printing.

Save costs

Once the assignment is complete, we retain the source files. This allows us to reduce the workload when the same client commissions a new assignment — provided that it has the same layout. The reduced DTP operator hours mean that the client can save on project costs.

What does DTP involve?

All materials are subject to DTP quality assurance during assignments, which ensures typographic accuracy and coherent text layout in all language versions and prevents any content changes resulting from DTP.

To confirm the absence of any structural or textual layout errors, the final files are verified for quality (DTP QA) before they are sent to the client or printed. The entire multi-language DTP process is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We work on Windows and Macintosh platforms, employing a wide range of products by Adobe Creative Cloud (Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, FrameMaker) and Microsoft (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher), as well as products by QuarkXpress, Corel Draw and CAD, or the less common Quicksilver (formerly Interleaf).

The following services are offered as part of DTP:

  • Typesetting of translated files in line with the typographical rules of any European language (Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets), with the typographical rules of basic Asian languages, and with the typographical rules of languages of the Middle East (Arabic and Hebrew).
  • Converting non-editable file formats (PDF files, scans of documents) to more universal formats in the localization process, and extracting content and preparing it for translation.
  • Generating final files in the PDF format that are ready to be published online or printed.
  • Creating and modifying graphics and screenshots.
  • Graphics editing or manipulation.
  • Designing from scratch or adjusting documents to be localized into selected foreign languages.

What can we do for you?

Write to us for a tailor-made DTP service.

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