Privacy Policy

Our websites can send and use cookies, i.e. small text files that are stored on your data terminal equipment (PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, for example) in your web browser.


We use two types of cookies:

Session cookies — these are temporary files stored from the moment the website is opened until the session or the web browser is closed. On the website we store only one ASP.NET_SessionId cookie (it is used to encrypt the user authorization data).


Third-party cookies — they are installed by third parties with which our website cooperates. On the website we use Google Analytics cookies that are meant for anonymous collection and transfer of statistical trend data without identifying individual users. There is an add-on that blocks Google Analytics. To download it, click here.


The cookies we use are safe for your computer and they do not contain your personal data, or any confidential information.


We use cookies based on your consent only. You may disable or restrict cookies at any time by changing your web-browser settings.

.You may enable or block all cookies. Blocking cookies makes your web browser more secure, but it can also make it impossible for you to enjoy all the features of a website.


To learn more about cookie settings and how to manage them, please follow the instructions provided by your web browser:

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