Finance / Business / Law

There are a lot of translators working for Studio Gambit who specialize in financial, economic and legal issues. Their experience and knowledge concerning these specialist issues turn out to be essential while translating texts of formalized terminology and structure. This is particularly the case with:

  • ERP, CRM and SCM software
  • banking systems
  • prospectuses
  • financial reports
  • commercial contracts
  • contracts of guarantee
  • licenses

Separate category is marketing and training materials that require the so-called effortless style from our translators. Despite the need for creative approach to translating style, such jobs strongly reveal the eventual lack of the know-how. These are all kinds of:

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • e-learning training courses (concerning e.g. book keeping, negotiations and sales techniques, corporate governance or business ethics)
  • advertising leaflets
  • market research reports

Selected end clients on whose projects we have worked for in this domain: SAP, Microsoft, Kenexa, Vurv Technology, GE Capital, Citibank, Schroders, Franklin Templeton, Fidelity Investments, PlaNet Finance, Interactive Services.

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Certificate of Business Credibility 2016

The Certificate of Business Credibility is awarded by Bisnode Polska, a strategic partner of the business intelligence agency Dun & Bradstreet, to companies that meet outstanding financial criteria. more

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When completing localization and translation projects for our clients, meeting their needs has always been the highest priority for us at Studio Gambit. more

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