SAP: Bringing global expertise to local markets with localized ERP systems

Studio Gambit’s cooperation with SAP began in February 2007 when we effectively completed the first big project for this Customer. Since then, we have been successful in later projects on software localisation and translation of product documentation and marketing materials in a few language pairs: English–Polish, German–Polish and Polish–English.


Our base resources covering tasks ordered by SAP consist of several dozens of highly qualified translators, editors, and terminology coordinators, some of whom work in our office in Gdańsk and some remotely. The team is completed by two project managers and three trainers for SAP software translations in online systems who have undergone a special qualification procedure and obtained the power user status and its broad privileges in SAP systems.


All team members have impressive experience both in software localisation and in translating texts within the area of business informatics, especially ERP, CRM, SCM and BI systems. Since they continue to improve their skills and qualifications by training regularly in SAP office in Walldorf or with the use of training programmes and resources available for translators in SAP partner portal, they are very familiar with all the technical aspects of work in online systems and they are also able to keep up to date with all terminology changes and formal requirements. Since 2008 the team has also been working on translating a lot of documentation and software for the SAP Business Objects division.


Our DTP department has also gained recognition, as they always deliver on time while ensuring the highest quality. Currently, for SAP documents we use Adobe InDesign CS3 and MS Word, and we work with all EMEA languages.


Certified SAP Translation Vendor

In December 2009, after an audit by SAP, we were awarded the title of ‘Certified SAP Translation Vendor for the language combination: English/German-Polish’. This award confirms both our comprehensive language competency and the invariably meticulous performance of all types of our services for SAP. The new translation vendor certificate shows that our ability to deliver on exceptionally large projects within short timeframes, as well as versatility and professionalism are being appreciated. It also underlines the high quality of communication with Studio Gambit.

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